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STATEMENT: The Fight for DeBary’s Democracy

The judge found 7 of the 8 charges made against me as evidence of my removal to be illegal.

The remaining 8th charge was a text message I sent to the city manager in frustration at a special meeting called by him to consider suing me, (an issue formally tabled by the council for a later date) during a time he knew I would be out of town and unable to defend myself.

“Cancel this ridiculous meeting and quit trying to burn the city before you leave”

Although the court agreed that this simple text was a rant made from reasonable frustration and not a malicious dictate, his final opinion was that the technical restraints of his review prevented him from quashing this 8th and final accusation.

There are many documented instances of communication between other Council Members and the City Manager that were far more commanding than my text and actually executed upon by the City Manager.

Clearly the decision to consider mine so differently was little more than a personal act of retribution stemming from my exposing of many shady actions including the Gemini Springs 100 Acre Land Grab and Sunshine Law Violations sparking a raid on City Hall by the State Attorney.

While just short of a complete reversal of the removal, I appreciate the thorough deliberation and clearly written response by the court which has firmly vindicated me from wrong doing.

My lawyer and I are prepared to appeal this opinion to entirely ensure that future elected officials in the City of DeBary are safe from similar petty, political, and inconsistent attacks from an appointed manager that disrespected thousands of votes by the citizens in choosing their leaders, especially those who fight to bring change.

Click Here to Read Judge’s Complete Ruling

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