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Lita Handy-Peters & Ron McLemore Dialogue

On July 13th, around 12:30pm, I went to City Hall to meet the City Clerk to sign a document. When I got to the upstairs lobby, I heard my name echo through the hallway so I took a seat. Lita Handy-Peters and Ron McLemore were having a very loud discussion that everyone in City Hall could overhear.

A public record request was made of the notes I took in my awful penmanship on a file back I had on hand that day. For purposes of transparency™, I made a more clear record of the highlights I heard & took notes of:


There was discussion regarding the Plat 4 approval for M/I homes which was on the agenda for that afternoon.

Ron- “There is an unspoken expectation that the lot across the street would be cleaned up prior to approval.”

Ron- “Other councilmembers are waiting for the cleanup before approving the plat.”

Ron- “The city thinks it can assess as much as $20,000 or more in damages for the unpermitted clearing.”

Lita- “Clint should be recused from voting on this matter becasue he took $800 for an advertisement in his State of the City Mailer.”

Ron- “I spoke with Kurt (city attorney) who said since this was a 1 time collection, it is exempted as grounds for recusal. If it were recurring, that would be a problem.”

Ron- “You must say strategically that you ‘need more time to review’. To admit it has anything to do with the other lot would be a legal problem.”


There were several rumors and statements made about me.

Lita- “Clint doesn’t even have a job. I know he has that screen thing or something…”

Lita- “I am sure he violated the charter. If he would just admit that then I’d have no problem dropping the charges.”

Lita- “I got an email where I was skewered by a resident demanding his removal.”

Lita- “I won’t pay his legal bills. Not just no but Hell No!”

Ron- “He certainly is a Donald Trump Style candidate. Very outspoken.”

Ron- “He has said, ‘I’m sorry, I’ll be a good boy from now on’ but thats for you to decide.”

Lita- “Clint’s a media whore.”

Lita- “He’s at those meetings on the computer all the time making social media posts or something which should be a public record. He shouldn’t even be allowed to use it.”


There were a few comments regarding other City issues.

Lita- “We need a new attorney. John knows someone he recommends from (longwood or altamonte)”

Lita- “As far as the TOD, the best way to get the 102 acres is to secure a developer for the other property and have him petition the County for it so they feel more obligated to approve.”

Ron- “We will be adding the C/M search to the workshop agenda at the meeting tonight.

Lita- “Mount Dora is seeking a new manager. Could we just piggyback on their search?”

Lita- “Getting a Community Center built is high on my priority list.”



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